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GeethaKannan Tradition

Plantations blessed with the best locations - We go the extra mile to ensure that each product is grown in the region best suited for it. Ideal plantations are identified and acquired after a thorough evaluation of factors like altitude, soil, sunshine, rainfall, productivity, consistency of produce, availability of manpower, accessibility and infrastructure.

Sources as good as our own - Apart from our own plantations, we also source our products from other plantations. While doing this, we take great care to make sure that these plantations share our philosophy. We share our production methods and processing techniques with them and we ensure that their produce matches up to our quality benchmarks. We believe in sharing our message of "Back to Nature" among the community of spice growers. We do this not only to improve the yield across the spice-growing belt, but also to protect our environment for future generations.

Pushing the frontiers of science - As part of our on-going research and development effort, we have set up an exclusive 50-acre research facility in the prime spice growing high ranges of Kerala, India. Here we carry out extensive research and innovation programmes, the results of which benefit not just us but the whole community of planters.

Unique post-harvest processes - Our unique post-harvest processes are a blend of traditional and modern techniques, which are both effective and sensitive to the environment. It ensures minimal invasiveness and gentle treatments on the produce so that natural elements like aroma, mineral contents and oils in the spices are preserved. That's why you can savour the original flavour and natural freshness of genuine Indian spices every time.

Packed fresh at the plantations - All of our products are packed on location in specially designed tamper-proof packaging. This makes sure that our spices are sealed in with all their natural purity, aroma and flavour intact - just like nature intended it to be. So that, when they reach you they are not just genuine and pure, but as fresh and aromatic as they were when they left the plantation.

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