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Cashew nut - the world's favourite nut

Ever since the Portuguese brought cashew to India 400 years ago, cashew has become an Indian cash crop. India is today the largest producer and exporter of cashew nuts in the world. Cashew is normally grown in hot tropical areas. In India, it is grown in the rich tropical areas across the Western Indian coastline from Quilon to Goa. The most famous varieties arrive from Goa and Irutti district in Kerala and are known for their richness in aroma and taste.

Cashew nut - the king of nuts

Spice Route cashew comes in its plain, pure and natural form and can be consumed straight or used to garnish a variety of sweets and savouries. Plain cashew nut is acknowledged as a very healthy snack food. It contains the best of nutrients - carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, minerals and heart-friendly mono-saturated fats. Cashew is consumed widely all over the world in both plain as well as roasted form.

Spice Route whole cashew nut - fresh, pure and 100% natural

Cashew nut from GeethaKannan Spices is from the finest cashew plantations in Goa in Western India and from Irutti district in Kerala. These areas provide the right environment for cashew cultivation due to the consistency in rainfall, soil, fertility and fine farming practices followed down the ages.

Cashew kernels are handpicked off cashew apples and are washed thoroughly prior to processing at our facility in Mangalore in Karnataka. They are treated using a unique steam-drying process, which helps them retain the original nutrients, oils, aroma and natural freshness. They are then graded and classified to obtain 3 varieties - Jumbo Nuts, Jumbo Splits and Baby Bits.

Spice Route cashew nuts are available in eco-friendly PET jars and flexible refill pouches with zip-lock technology and are nitrogen-flushed to seal in the freshness and purity.

Spice Route Cashew Nuts

Jumbo nuts - 100g/250g refill pouches and 100g/200g jars
Jumbo splits - 100g refill pouches and 100g/200g jars
Baby bits - 100g refill pouches and 75g dispenser jars

Bulk quantities - as per your requirements


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