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Pepper - the king of spices

The most widely used spice in the world, pepper is native to the Western Ghats in Southern India. Botanically known as "Piper nigrum', it is part of the 'Pipevaceae' family and is acknowledged as the king of spices. The best peppercorns, with their sharp flavour and unique aroma, come from the tropical hills of Wynad in Kerala. Today, in addition to India, pepper is grown in Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia.

White peppercorns - always the best pepper is normally ground just before use in cooking, to add more zing to the flavour. Readymade pepper powder loses its flavour over time and becomes bland enough to be discarded. GeethaKannan Spices whole black peppercorns provide the best flavour when ground before use.

Plantation fresh Spice Route pepper

Pepper from GeethaKannan Spices is a premium produce with a distinct flavour and aroma that's unique to pepper grown in the tropical hilly regions of Wynad district, Kerala-India.

Pepper from our plantations is picked and processed at our in-house facilities. The pepper fruit is picked while still green and unripe, and dried in the sun till it turns black. Then it is cleaned of dirt and dust, gravity-tested to remove hollowness, separated and hand-sorted to eliminate coloured peppercorns and obtain only the finest black peppercorns. It is then graded for uniformity of size and packed fresh at the plantation itself in eco-friendly PET jars and flexible refill pouches with zip-lock technology, to ensure that you get all the natural aroma and freshness every time you buy.

Spice Route Pepper is available in four varieties - Whole Black Peppercorns, Coarse Ground Black Pepper, Fine Ground Black Pepper and Sterile Pepper.

Retail packs - 50/100g refill pouches and 75/100 g dispenser jars
Bulk quantities - as per your requirements


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