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Star Anise
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Star anise (Illicium verum) is the fruit produced by a small evergreen tree grown in Japan. Star Anise, as one might suspect, is star-shaped. Each of its eight points contains a star anise seed. Star Anise has a licorice aroma and taste.

Star anise is most commonly used in Chinese cuisine. The whole star (or star pieces) is used to flavor teas, liquors and stews. Also, ground star anise is one of the five spices that comprise Chinese five-spice powder.

Plantation - fresh Spice Route Star Anise

Spice Route Star Anise comes from Vietnam plantations, known for the finest quality Star Anise. Evocative of a bitter aniseed, of which flavour star anise is a harsher version. Nevertheless, the use of star anise ensures an authentic touch in the preparation of certain Chinese dishes. It is powerful and liquorices-like, more pungent and stronger than anise. Star Anise is carefully handpicked and processed using a unique post-harvest technique wherein its essential oils, aroma, flavour and freshness are retained for longer periods.

Spice Route Star Anise is available in eco-friendly PET jars and flexible refill pouches with zip-lock technology to ensure that you get all the natural aroma, flavour and freshness every time you buy.

Retail packs - 30g dispenser jars
Bulk quantities - as per your requirements


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